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Cher, Lock and Thumbelina

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes without intermission

Past events

  • Palace of Arts of the Leningrad Region, St. Petersburg

Actors and performers

Cast:Gennady Spiridenkov, Honored Artist of Russia, Vyacheslav Shtyps, Honored Artist Of Russia, Artem Bordovsky, Alexander Berg, Alice Darsadze, Olga Yakovleva, Arina Jealous, Evgeny Talashmanov, Teona Humberidze, Alexander Efanov, Alexander Volkov

Detective, comedy, musical for the whole family
"Cher, Lock and Thumbelina" + festive program from ELIS-SHOW (from
11-00, foyer)
Detective comedy-musical for the whole family "Cher, Lock and Thumbelina", where
the old Andersen fairy tale becomes almost a detective story, dynamic,
fun and filled with modern details.
The action takes place in a fairy-tale Kingdom where a tiny girl lives,
Thumbelina. One day the Mother discovers her loss – she is in despair, because
misfortune can easily happen to such a baby. But in search of crumbs
, the heroes volunteered to help – a "Miniature detective agency", in which detectives Cher and Lock work.
Throughout the performance, they will follow on the heels of the missing
Thumbelina – to the Toad, who dreamed of marrying her son, then – to the showman beetles,
who conceived a grandiose production, and after that - to a calculating Mouse and a wealthy
The mole. And all this is accompanied by beautiful songs performed by artists live.
The maiden half of the auditorium will especially like touching