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Triple Anniversary - Festive Gala Concert Of Vladimir's Anniversary Samsonova12+

Concert 3 hours with intermission

40 years on the professional stage, 30 years on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater and 20 years since the
Honored Artist of Russia, soloist of the Mariinsky Opera, a bright pop singer,
producer, director, composer, playwright, teacher – Vladimir Samsonov
invites you to a gala concert on his anniversary.
World hits of all musical genres, incendiary show ballet, stage
transformations, star guests.
Legendary Orpheus – Albert Asadullin, the king of the pop-rock band "Forum" Sergey
Rogozhin, star of the musical "Vampire Ball" Ivan Ozhogin, colorful show ballet Theater
Vladimir Samsonov's show "RUSSIAN COLOSSEUM" directed by Tatiana
Semchenkova, soloists of the opera and musical of the Mariinsky Theater and the Theater of Musical
Comedy and unexpected surprises!
World-famous opera arias, hits of Hollywood, Russian and Soviet pop,
musical gems of Viennese operetta and Broadway musicals, French
chanson, expressive, full of "live emotions" songs by Vladimir Vysotsky,
old Russian and gypsy romances, sparkle

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Concert Hall «Coliseum»