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Let's clink glasses!16+

Theatricals 3 hours (with intermission)

Premiere of the comedy play
"Let's go crazy!"
based on the play by Nadezhda Ptushkina "While he was dying"


A comedy with a holiday with the participation of favorite theater artists of St. Petersburg. Honored Artists Zoya Buryak, Valentina Panina and artists Sonya Gorelik and Andrey Zaitsev. A funny and subtle comedy about love and happiness.

On New Year's Eve, real miracles happen...The fabulous overture of this story is a knock on the door, which radically changes the life of our main character ....

A sparkling comedy with a meaning about love, happiness and family values close to everyone.

In one apartment, "chained to each other", two women live - the closest and closest to each other people: mother - Sofya Mikhailovna, imperiously and carefully influencing the fate of her daughter, at death. Daughter - Tatiana is fifty years old.
The heroes who reappeared in Tatiana's life - Igor and Dina, whose life did not work out well, "tried on" the roles invented by Tatiana and her mother, and smoothly merged into them, turning the game into a real

Actors and performers

Honored Artist of Russia VALENTINA PANINA, Honored Artist of Russia ZOYA BURYAK, theater and film actor ANDREY ZAITSEV, theater and film actress SOFIA GORELIK

Authors, directors, directors

Mikhail Slavsky

Igor Makarov

Dmitry Gusev

Past events

Cinema and Concert Theater «Cosmos»

Fontanka Youth Theater