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Fables for adults16+

Theatricals 2 hours and 30 minutes with intermission

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Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg192007, St. Petersburg, Tambovskaya street, 63
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A bright, action-packed tragicomedy about Love and Freedom.
The performance is filled with humor, passion and beauty!
The comedic and lyrical atmosphere of the performance immerses the viewer into a world
of bizarre fantasies and vivid images.
The play is about love and freedom, about power and dependence. Sometimes a slave is freer
than a master. People tend to become addicted to any passions, they
become slaves to power, vanity and wealth. What is freedom and what
Is there love? But... The paradox is that Love is Freedom!!!
A non-trivial story that happened to a slave named
Aesop, who is being bought by the wealthy philosopher Xanthus. And only
fate knows that the deal will be followed by amazing
incidents, love adventures, dramatic
intrigues, and the slave will have to choose between freedom and