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The house is under demolition16+

Theatricals 2 hours 25 minutes with intermission

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Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg192007, St. Petersburg, Tambovskaya street, 63
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Retired railroad worker Stepan Nikolaevich and retired teacher Sofia Alexandrovna meet far from the best period of their lives and not of their own free will. Stepan Nikolaevich's son decided that his father needed to get married. And Sophia Alexandrovna's daughter, having privatized her mother's apartment, settled her with a lonely pensioner in a five-story Khrushchev so that in the process of renovation she would receive a one-room apartment. What can a former guide and a former literature teacher have in common? He is an orphanage child, she comes from an intelligent family. But despite the class differences, the characters find a common language.