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The Sun of Paris16+

2 hours 30 minutes (with one intermission)Райдер

Musical performance.

Authors: Sergey Skomorokhov, Boris Birman

Stage Directors: Sergey Skomorokhov, Samuel Sene (France)

Musical Directors: Arthur Eranosov, Samuel Sene

Vocal teacher: Arthur Eranosov

Artist: Elena Zolotareva

Choreographer: Evgenia Khrobostova

Arrangement: Alexander Lygun

Makeup artist: Tatyana Veselova

Producers: Andrey Yuriev, Sergey Skomorokhov

The following people are involved in the performance: Andrei Smelov, Irina Medvedeva, Arthur Eranosov / Andrei Pirog.

How can a poor boy from an Italian village take a step towards his dream and become a great singer-singer and a famous actor who has conquered the whole world? What should a man do when he is between Marilyn Monroe and Simone Senhora? Even if your name is Yves Montand ... For one evening we will transfer you to sunny France, where women are kind and beautiful, men are courageous and generous, and music is eternal. A live musical performance in which the magnificent Irina Medvedeva creates the images of the three greatest women Edith Piaf, Simone Senore, Merlin Monroe and the wonderful St. Petersburg artist Andrei Smelov in the role of Yves Montana. And also Arthur Eranosov, who revealed himself not only as a wonderful jazz musician, but also as a talented actor. And most importantly - everything is only "here and now."

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