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Antonova Svetlana

Born December 10, 1979 in Moscow.

She graduated from VTU. Schukin. She worked at the Moscow Theater of Satire.

Svetlana Antonova - Russian theater and film actress. Svetlana Antonova gained popularity by playing the main role in the film “Piranha Hunt”. Today, the actress starred in popular films and series, joins sensational projects, for example, the sitcom "Voronin" and the sports series "Youth".

The star theater role of Svetlana Antonova can be called Mirandolin in the production of "The mistress of the hotel." The premiere of the performance took place on the stage of the Satire Theater in 2008 and was greeted very warmly, having received many high ratings from theater-goers. Here, for the first time, Antonova played the main character.