Concert 2 hours with one intermission

Concert "Melodies of Hollywood and Broadway"
Lina Nova is a professional singer, actress, musical artist. Laureate of international competitions, winner of the National Theater Awards "Golden Mask" and "Musical Heart of the Theater", laureate of the Highest Theater Award of St. Petersburg "Golden Spotlight". Soloist of the musical theater "Karambol" and guest soloist of the theater "Music Hall".
"2x2 Saxophone Quartet"/"2x2 Saxophone Quartet" (founded in 2012) is an ensemble of professional musicians from St. Petersburg performing jazz standards and popular music in an original jazz treatment. The main distinctive features of the collective are the signature "bigband" sound, characteristic of jazz orchestras of the swing era, as well as incendiary solos and brilliant performance of "tutti" in compositions in the styles of "funk" and "fusion". The expressive vocals of singer Lina Nova give the performance of the band sophistication and charm.
The concert program "Melodies of Hollywood and Broadway" is famous compositions from movies, musicals and the world's musical treasury by composers such as John Kander, B. B. King, Ray Charles, Duke Ellington, Leonard Cohen and others. This is music from the repertoire of Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and other jazz legends.
The concert is in two sections with an intermission. Duration of the program: 2 hours.

Actors and performers

Lina Nova (vocals), Nikolay Godyna (alto saxophone), Mikhail Mineev (alto saxophone), Artem Grusha (tenor saxophone), Viktor Arkharov (baritone saxophone), Stanislav Kolpakov (bass), Dmitry Stashkevich(drums), Nina Kachanova (keys)

Past events

Open Film Studio «Lendok»

Open Film Studio «Lendok»