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The whole world has gone crazy16+

Theatricals 3 hours with intermission

The hilarious French comedy, which had repeated cinematic incarnation, was successfully transferred to the theater stage by the famous director-comedian Vladimir Glazkov, Winner of theater awards in Russia, Germany and France. The play, which is a sitcom, compares favorably with its genre sisters in that it has an exorbitant number of unexpected plot twists, grotesque "mistakes" and funny "confusions". The story taking place in France in the era of the dashing 60s, the time of miniskirts, a riot of colors and the liberation of morals, begins with the fact that his young employee comes to the house of the owner of a large company to ask for the hand of his daughter and the position of commercial director with an exorbitant salary.

And it would be nothing, but the daughter turns out to be pregnant by a former chauffeur, the maid marries the baron, and the money and jewelry are gone!

And all this is just the starting point for a whole cascade of events: ridiculous, funny, tragicomic, confusing, detective

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Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg