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Yankovsky Sergey

Born October 18, 1978.

In 1995 he entered the Technological Institute with a degree in: refractory; two weeks later I realized that I was mistaken and took the documents. In 1996-1999 he studied at the St. Petersburg State University as a psychologist. During this time, he became a candidate for a master of sports in middle-distance running.

In 1999 he entered the Academy of Theater Arts (SPbGATI).


  • 2005 year. - Work in the workshop of Honored Art Worker Yu. V. Tomoshevsky (founder and art director of the Shelter of the Comedian Theater).
  • 2007 year - Created his own theater company D.Zh.E.M., actively worked as a director of concerts and show programs. He created the project of H.L.A.M., the television program Prospect, and small-scale performances.
  • 2008 year. - Recital “I want to be strong”, played the role of Salvador Dali in the play “The Diary of a Genius” at the comedy shelter theater. He acted as the director of the performance of Sergei Bezrukov's "Hooligan."
  • 2011. - The role of Vaclav Nizhinsky in the play “I am a clown of God. Nizhinsky "theater" Shelter comedian. "
  • 2011-2013. - He worked as the art director of Bukvoed, where he received the Project of the Year award for creating the Showcase Theater.
  • 2011. - The play “Through the Eyes of a Clown” based on the novel by G. Belle (directing, the role of Hans Schnier).
  • year 2012. - Creation of the "Sergei Yankovsky Theater".
  • year 2012. - The play “The Crazy Life of Salvador Dali”. The author of the play, stage version, actor.
  • year 2013. - Creation of the author’s training “Awakening of creative energy”.
  • 2015 year. - The intellectual project "Cockroaches", together with the master of the television game "What?" Where? When? ”By Maxim Potashev.
  • The play about the life and work of the Liep dynasty "My Way".
  • The play "One on One" based on the play of Sergei.
  • The play “Leap to freedom. The story of Rudolf Nureyev. ” Sergey Yankovsky plays a brilliant dancer. For this role, he was awarded the prize of the Amur Autumn Festival.