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Guzeeva Larisa

Born May 23, 1959, p. Burtinsky, Orenburg Region

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1994).


Larisa Guzeeva was born on May 23, 1959 in the village of Burtinsky, Orenburg Region. In the homeland of downy scarves, pine nuts and strict morals. She does not like to recall her childhood: "Too much was forbidden, much was hiding." She did not see her own father - the girl was raised by her mother and stepfather. The stepfather until the tenth grade did not allow Larisa to watch films on TV with kisses. Mom taught history at the same school where she studied. Resisting dogmas in every possible way, she wore short skirts, dyed, smoked, for which her mother in the teacher's office was “lynched by the pillory.” In the Urals, lush, white-skinned girls with rounded shapes were valued, and at school Larisa was very thin and put on three tights to look “more appetizing”, in general she won attention at all costs.


And after the tenth grade, at seventeen, Larisa left for Leningrad and entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography, on the course of V. Petrov. Received immediately and easily. And no wonder, because from childhood she dreamed of becoming an actress. Guzeeva's parents were more worried about the fate of her younger brother than the acting career of her daughter. However, from her very birth she always heard from her mother: "You are my favorite, the most beautiful." Not experiencing any inferiority in this, she was not afraid to create herself anew. To stand out from the crowd of long-haired applicants, before exams, Larisa cut her hair ...

All institute years, Larisa never allowed herself to get lost in the crowd, remaining unlike the rest. I raved about "Master and Margarita." I knew whole pages by heart. Therefore, students Guzeev did not like, were afraid. She smoked Belomor and could gulp a glass of Riesling in one gulp. She always dressed fashionably thanks to her mother’s tailoring talents. When her class in the last year was supposed to go to Bulgaria for an exchange, classmates unanimously voted against her going with everyone. Students who were too keen on studying were not interested in Larisa. She became especially close to avant-garde youth, was carried away by the hippies, worked as a model and spent all her free time in her favorite cafe in St. Petersburg's bohemia - the famous Saigon on the corner of Nevsky and Liteiny. There Larisa had a lot of fans - for her unsuccessfully looked after, for example, young Victor Tsoi. And not surprisingly, the vivid imagery and symbolic beautiful so extraordinary gestures of Larisa Guzeeva captured anyone. Yes, and Larisa was attracted by such unusual people as the team of Boris Grebenshchikov, the Kino group, etc. For some time she met with the famous musician - Sergey Kurekhin, who for her was then a mentor and teacher ...

The arrival of the Bulgarian course Larisa Guzeeva met with a “spectacle” of a beautiful trick, after which the master of the course said: “She will go far!” He knew that Larisa at that time was already finishing filming with the famous director Eldar Ryazanov in the film adaptation of “Dowry”. Classmates envied and hated. Because of the whole course, only she managed to become famous, and even Alexander Lykov, who played Casanova in the series about our valiant police. They say a truly educated person.

Larisa Ogudalova

Larisa Guzeeva began acting in films early. And precisely at that time, for the graduate of the Leningrad Theater Institute, only the first chords of the romance called “Life” sounded. Sergei Shakurov recommended a novice actress to the venerable director Ryazanov for the role of the namesake Larisa Ogudalova, the heroine of the play "Bride" A.N. Ostrovsky. She came to audition in cropped jeans, sandals and multi-colored nails, smoked Belomor and spat through her teeth. “I had nothing to do with my future heroine. At 23, I was not familiar with any tragedy and love suffering. I had a high opinion of myself. My partners helped me to portray suffering on the screen, especially Nikita Mikhalkov. ” According to Guzeeva, Ryazanov’s idea of ​​Larisa coincided with her physical data. "Ryazanov liked my type of woman." The truth was voiced by “dowager” Anna Kamenkova, and the songs in the picture were sung by Valentina Ponomareva, but from this Larisa Guzeeva’s merit in creating the image did not become less significant. She played with dignity in the company of such stars as Alisa Freindlikh, Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrey Myagkov, Alexei Petrenko, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny.

Acting in a movie based on the play was risky: the previous screen version of Jacob Protazanov by that time had not left the screens for half a century. Eldar Ryazanov is a universally recognized favorite of spectators and distributors, and therefore comparisons were inevitable, he won - the picture was a hit of the last "stagnant" 84 years. Eldar Aleksandrovich made his film adaptation in a completely different genre than Protazanov. A tragic melodrama, where the concept of “mediocrity” appeared in the literal sense: a person living according to the material means available to him. Paratov had the means to lead the life of a playboy - he led such a life. Karandyshev did not have the appropriate funds. Larisa had a similar means of appearance - with her, she laid claim to Paris and Paratov's love, but found that appearance alone was not enough. Found - but could not believe it. Therefore, what was happening seemed to attract high drama, and the result was only a cruel romance. The real drama of the heroes of the Ryazanov film was precisely that.

Cinema and life

After the release of the film, many lost their peace from the big sad eyes of the main character. It suddenly occurred to one of the directors during the filming that it would be nice to have a closer relationship with her. The Ural Cossack rejected his harassment. After that, he threatened Larisa Guzeeva that she would never be removed again, and from now on she never invited her. The fair expectations of the actress of her further triumphal procession in the world of cinema after the success of "Cruel Romance" did not come true.

There were proposals for the shooting, but the roles were by no means stellar - female athletes, partisan heroines, collective farmers. There were more interesting scenarios, but for some reason, even after successful screen tests, Guzeeva’s candidacy was “cut down” by the artistic council. The actress recalls: “Then all the doors opened in front of me. Although I am remembered only for this film, and not for the 30 that came after. " “Sometimes I myself foolishly refused good roles. For example, instead of taking on the classic film "The Eve", I starred in the monstrous film "Rivals." It was on the set of this film that Larisa Guzeeva met her first husband. He was an assistant director. She lived with Elijah for eight years, but later he died tragically from an overdose. It was the most dramatic period in life. She loved him very much, loved and sacrificed herself. She tried to arrange him for treatment, believed all his oaths, went crazy with fear and pain for her beloved, and dreamed of a child. Meetings and joys in the life of Larisa Guzeeva alternated with losses and disappointments. Her husband's addiction and her own alcoholism are what she experienced. Time is the best doctor. Once she was offered to star in a Georgian film in Georgian. And again, Larisa met her second husband, and difficult shooting conditions turned into a holiday. Waha was unusually delicate, attentive and educated, and perfectly solved everyday problems.

When the actress returned to Leningrad, Vakha came to her. Larisa realized that she wants to give birth to a child from him. For a long time, only her partners in the films Patriotic Comedy and In That Area of ​​Heaven, Sergei Makovetsky and Alexei Serebryakov, knew that she was expecting a baby. Even in the last months of work, the actress continued to work. At thirty-two years old, Larisa gave birth to her first child and immediately returned to the set. She did not know what maternity leave was, she did not know what it was to lie on the couch and do nothing. “I never hoped for anyone. Maybe because I didn’t have a dad who spoiled me. ” According to her, the actress was not ready to become a mother, her own infantilism interfered. However, it seemed to her that if there was a second child, then she would not love him as much as the first. But life with Vakha did not work out for Larisa - the spouses too grew up in different traditions. Now Vakha lives in Tbilisi. The son constantly maintains relations with his father, goes on vacation in Tbilisi, and his Georgian grandfather and grandmother just do not have a soul in their beloved grandson. “I realized that the first man is needed in order to teach you something, the second - so that you give birth to a child from him, and the third to love. ”

Third marriage

A few years ago Larisa got married again - for the owner of several restaurants Igor Bukharov. I have known Igor Guzeeva for more than twenty years. Then they lived in different cities: he is in Moscow, and she is in Leningrad. Larisa moved to the capital a few years ago. Students often traveled to the capital for theater premieres.

Once the future husband seemed to her a hopeless child. She jokingly answered his attempts to look after him: “Do you like it? Save money". All the time Igor was with Larisa, patiently waiting and helping in difficult situations - for example, when George was seriously ill. “You can’t even imagine how Igor loved me! I simply could not refuse when he made an offer. “Igor and I are not only husband and wife, but also friends. Passion and physical attraction still turn into a habit over time. And then what remains if there is no spiritual relationship between people? ”If a person did not suffer from unrequited love, didn’t write letters, didn’t keep silence, did not become a slave to passion, this does not mean that he is infantile. In her appearance, the actress “did not buy any goods” and does not regret it. Guzeeva did not accept communication without spirituality. After all, spiritual communication contains itself more than any other. “In youth, great passion can be mistaken for true love. “Now I am a mature woman, I have a mature attitude towards my husband and children.” The maturity of Larisa Guzeeva does not prevent her from constantly interrogating with her husband's predilection: “Here you have ten million dollars - drop your Lariska. Would you give up? Igor replies: "No." At forty, she gave birth to a second child. Larisa was very afraid of pain, so she gave birth with a cesarean section. During the second birth, the anesthetist was Pasha Naumov, a doctor who saved Larisa’s son from death during a flight to Turkey when, due to a steward, at the age of six, George received a third degree groin burn and could die from pain shock. His wife Galya also helped - she is also a doctor. For years, the actress prayed for God for the appearance of her first child, and her daughter and her husband became a pleasant surprise. She loves her Lelka no less than her son. Nevertheless, this did not stop her from being at work already on the twelfth day after the birth. It is good that the mother of Larisa Guzeeva Albina Andreevna often took care of the baby, and today she continues to help.

Actress, mother and business woman

Guzeeva always believed that a woman herself should be able to earn money for her children. She acts in films, is engaged in restaurant business with one word "the weight does not hang" on her beloved husband. “Let it be better to get bored in separation - the more tender the meeting will be.”

Larisa Andreyevna’s character is purely masculine, but she doesn’t go shopping in the morning, takes her child to school and prepares breakfast for her husband. Larisa is most grateful to fate that she has such wonderful children. “For children, it is important that there is a happy family, that all together ski and go to the sea - this is quite enough. And endless parental love. ” And yet, according to Larisa Andreevna, it is important for children to give self-confidence. Loving mother, beloved wife, business lady, and finally, Honored Artist of Russia, who will certainly please us with new unforgettable movie roles!