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Sukhorukov Viktor

Born November 10, 1951 in the city of Orekhovo-Zuevo.

Honored Artist of Russia (2002). People's Artist of Russia (2008).

In 1978 he graduated from GITIS (course of Professor V.P. Ostalsky).

He worked in Leningrad theaters: Academic Comedy Theater named after N.P. Akimov (1978-1982, 1995-1999), the Lenin Komsomol Theater (1986-1993), the Young Theater; Drama and Comedy Theater at the Foundry (1993-1995).

Participated in theatrical enterprises, including the play "Players" by Oleg Menshikov.

He made his debut in cinema in 1973 in Rodion Nakhapetov’s film “With You and Without You,” however, he really attracted attention only in 1990 with the main role in Yury Mamin’s film “Whiskers”. He played in most films by Alexei Balabanov.

In the winter of 2002, he was invited to England to play the role of one of the villains in the 20th James Bond film "Die, but Not Now," but he was forced to refuse, because the proposed shooting schedule contradicted the schedule of Oleg Menshikov’s play "Players".

Since 2011 - actor of the Moscow Theater. Moscow City Council.

Viktor Sukhorukov: “I believed that theater is hypocrisy, reincarnation, this is search, experimentation, this is some conscious wandering in some space where there is a desert, and the jungle, and everything in a heap. They offer one role -“ not yours ” , I suggest another - “you are not an aristocrat, you are not a poet, you are not an intellectual!” And that’s not so! But aerobatics and good luck - when you played the stage, and the audience then said: “Wow, was that Sukhorukov? ourselves! But we didn’t find out, that’s so! ”This is a real theater! But now there’s no such thing. This is a rare occurrence when you play you’ll be recognized until some moment. Dream! " ("Our Theater" No. 3, November 2005)

Prizes and awards

  • Order of Friendship (2011).
  • Best actor of the year in Estonia, for the role of Lenin in the film "All My Lenins" (1998).
  • Twice winner of the Constellation Charitable Fund (1992 and 1994).
  • Prize of the XII Russian film festival "Literature and Cinema", for the best performance of the male role in the film "Not By Bread Together" (2006).
  • Award "White Elephant" of the Guild of Film Critics and Film Critics of Russia, for Best Supporting Actor, role in the film "Island" (2006).
  • Golden Eagle Award, for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, role in the film Island (2006).
  • The Nika Award for Best Supporting Actor in a film The Island (2006).
  • Prize "Golden Griffin", for talent and national recognition in the framework of the XVI International St. Petersburg Festival of Festivals (2008).
  • Golden Eagle Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in the movie Oatmeal (2011).