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Fomin Oleg

Born May 21, 1962 in Tambov.

Actor, director, screenwriter, producer.

He graduated from the Moscow Theater School. Shchepkina (course of Nikolay Annenkov).

After receiving an acting education, he left for Riga, played in the Riga Youth Theater under the leadership of Adolf Shapiro.

In 1988, he got the main role in the crime drama "My Name is Arlekino", filmed on the story by Yuri Shchekochikhin "Trap 46, height 2". The success of the picture was overwhelming, the audience crowded into cinemas. But Oleg Fomin didn’t threaten star disease - they invited others to festivals, letters of his fans were burnt in bags at Belarusfilm, and journalists did not write anything about him, too lazy to find an artist in Riga.

He was forced to leave Latvia in 1990, after the closing of the Riga Youth Theater.

In Moscow, he first shot a low-budget movie. Then he shot television series, among the most successful - "NEXT".

Stage performances: “Nina” A.Russen (Lenkom Theater, Entreprise, 1997, Dmitry Kharatyan, Sergey Nikonenko, Elena Shanina), “Cave People” William Saroyan (Entreprise, 1995, Ostankino, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and others) .


  • Charity Fund "Constellation", prize in the competition "Stars of 2000", film "Cute Ep" (1993).
  • "Listapad" in Minsk, special prize and diploma "For the search for moral absolutes", the film "Publican" (1997).
  • Charitable Foundation “Smile, Russia!”, Prize in the nomination “The Most Viewer Film”, the film “Ok’ey” (2003).
  • IV International Film Festival "Nobility's World", Grand Prix for feature films for acting and directing in the film "Gentlemen Officers. Save the Emperor" with the award of the chest medal of the International Union of Nobles "For Merit" (2011).