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Markina Olga

Born July 7, 1978 in Leningrad.

In 2001 she graduated from the Higher Theater School. B.V. Shchukin, specialty "Theater and Film Actress".

Actress of the Baltic House Theater. She worked for many years at the Petersburg Concert.

Member of the Union of Journalists.
“The Baltic House” (Experimental scene by A.Praudin):
The Singing Ghosts

GKFU Petersburg Concert:
"Vasily Terkin" (dir. S. Svirko)
“Fairy Tales of Ole-Lukoe” (dir. B. Voytsekhovsky)
The Bridge of Love (dir. S. Svirko)
“Woe from Wit” (dir. S. Svirko)
“Fantasies of Gogol” (dir. L. Eliseev)
“Fathers and Sons” (dir. L. Eliseev)
"Pollyanna" (dir. K. Markin)