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Kuhareshin Valery

Born December 7, 1957 in Leningrad.

Soviet and Russian film and theater actor.

People's Artist of Russia (2005).

In 1979 he graduated from LGITMiK (course of Arkady Katzman - Lev Dodin).
Since 1980 he has been working in the Leningrad Youth Theater on the Fontanka. At the same time he plays in the Satire Theater, in the Russian Entreprise named after Andrei Mironov, is engaged in the performances of the White Theater. He worked with directors V. Malyshitsky, E. Padve, R. Viktyuk, S. Spivak, V. Tumanov, R. Smirnov.

He takes part in dubbing films and TV shows.
1. The policeman. The play is the parable of "Sotnikov" V. Bykov. Staged by V.A. Malyshitsky.
2. Eggplant. The play "Dialogues" (dramatic short stories by A.M. Volodin). Staged by V.A. Malyshitsky.
3. Mikhail Bestuzhev. The play "One Hundred Bestuzhev Brothers" by B. A. Goller. Staged by V.A. Malyshitsky.
4. Lizogub. The play "Unless otherwise possible" Ya.A. Gordina and Yu.V. Davydova. Staged by V.A. Malyshitsky.
5. Michelle Pirogov. The play "Ah, Nevsky, Almighty Nevsky." Staged by A. Polamishev based on the "St. Petersburg Tales" N.V. Gogol. Staged by V.A. Malyshitsky.
6. The play "The price of silence." Staged by V. A. Malyshitsky.
7. Blind. The play "Vacation by Wound" by V. Kondratiev. Staged by V.A. Malyshitsky.
8. Mankurt. The play "And the Day Lasts More Than a Century" by Ch. Aitmatov. Staged by V.A. Malyshitsky.
9. Maslakov. The play "Trouble" by I. Metter. Staged by V.A. Malyshitsky.
10. Kolka. The play "Four Songs in Bad Weather" (monologues by A.M. Volodin). Staged by V.A. Malyshitsky.
11. Performance - concert "Music sounded in the garden." Production by E.M. Padve.
12. Rostik. The play "Five Corners" S. Kokovkina. Production by E.M. Padve.
13. Cyrano de Bergerac. The eccentric rock opera "Cyrano de Bergerac" A.A. Soynikov on the play by E. Rostan. Production by E.M. Padwe.
14. Performance - concert "What kind of music was, what kind of music sounded" Staged by EM Padwe.
15. Performance - concert "Concert - to the front" Production by E.M. Padwe.
16. De Grieux, Frenchman. The play "From the notes of a young man." Staging in 2 acts Padwe based on the novel by F.M. Dostoevsky's "Player". Production by E.M. Padwe.
17. The chief engineer. The play "Experiment" V. Chernykh, M. Zakharov. Production by E.M. Padwe.
18. Yorick. The play "Roof" A. Galina. Production by E.M. Padwe.
19. Repnin. The play "Theft" by V. Asafiev. Staged and staged by L. Stukalov.
20. Sayapin. The play "Duck Hunt" A.V. Vampilov. Production by E.M. Padwe.
21. Kutia, an auxiliary worker. The play "The Humble Cemetery" by S. Kaledin. Staged by T. Kazakova.
22. Eddie Van Halen. The play "The Death of Van Halen" A.P. Shipenko. Staged by S.Ya. Spivak and A. Grigoryants.
23. Padre Catellino. The play "Ferdinando" A. Rucello. Staged by R.G. Viktyuk.
24 Panther Brown The play "Three-Penny Opera" B. Brecht. Staged by S.Ya. Spivaka
25. "Moon Wolves" Nina Sadur, director Vladimir Tumanov (Vitya, Man)
26. “Twelfth Night or whatever” William Shakespeare, director Vladimir Tumanov (Malvolio)
27. Days of the Turbins Mikhail Bulgakov, director Semyon Spivak (Victor Myshlaevsky)
28. “Three Sisters” Anton Chekhov, director Semyon Spivak (Vershinin)
29. “The Lion in Winter” James Goldman, Director Russian Mikhail Chernyak (Henry II)
30. Mastakov. The play "Eccentrics" A.M. Gorky. Production by V.R. Furman.
31. Lord Henry. The play "Portrait of Dorian Gray" by O. Wilde. Production by V.R. Furman.
32. A farce performance based on the theatrical novel of the same name by R. Furmanov “From the Life of a Mad Entrepreneur”.
33. Konstantin Nikolaevich Berkovsky. The play "Siren and Victoria". Staged by V. Kramer.
34. Sorcerer. The play "Sorcerer" by E. Wallace. Staged by V. Grishko. Russian anteprise of A. Mironov
35. Ivan. The play "Goal". Staged by R. Smirnov "Petersburg Tales" N.V. Gogol. Staged by R. Smirnov. Theater on Liteiny
36. All men. The play "The Marriage of Gogol". Staged by R. Smirnov.
37. Velchaninov. The play "Hug and cry" (play by A. Shulgina according to the novel by F. M. Dostoevsky "The Eternal Husband"). Staged by G.L. Vasilieva. Dostoevsky Museum
38.Okhlobystin. The play "Tanya - Tanya" by O. Mukhina. Staged by V.A. Tumanova. Satire Theater on Vasilyevsky Island.
39. Egor Ilyich Rostanev. The play "Village Stepanchikovo and its inhabitants" F.M. Dostoevsky. Staged by V. Kramer. Theater Baltic House.
40. Jonathan. The play "Waltz of the Lonely" by S. Zlotnikov. Staged by G. Musket. Theater XXI
41. Dudukin Neil Stratonych Performance "Pictures from the Life of the Maiden Lyubov Otradina" based on the play by A.N. Ostrovsky "Guilty Without Guilt." Staged by N. Leonova. Entreprise "Art Peter"
42. Rodchenko Ivan Andreevich. Performance "Rhythmic teacher" E. Sadur. Staged by V.A. Tumanova.
43. The project "Examiner" in the Hermitage "on the stage of the Hermitage Theater.
44. Zhikharev. The play "Labardan s." Staged by R. Smirnov. The author of the idea and text V. Zhuk.
45. "Taboo actor" - one-man show, author S. Nosov, staged by G. Vasiliev, Dostoevsky House Museum
46. ​​"Solesombra. Light and Shadow", Satire Theater on Vasilyevsky Island
47. "Pat, or the game of kings" - Sklepovich, theater Shelter Comedian