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Cherry Taste

Duration: 2 hours

Past events

  • Concert Hall «Coliseum», St. Petersburg
  • Concert Hall «Coliseum», St. Petersburg
  • Vyborg Palace of Culture (small hall), St. Petersburg
  • Vyborg Palace of Culture (small hall), St. Petersburg
  • Theater named after Countess S.V.Panina, St. Petersburg
Artistic Project Manager:Leonid Alimov
Producer:Sergey Andreichuk
Costume Designer:Anastasia Panfilova
Choreographer:Oleg Zimin

Actors and performers

Take part in the performance:Irina Murtazaeva, Dmitry Bykovsky, D&D group

Our life rushes like a fast train, glimpses of years of stoppage and maturity is ahead, and time to take stock, but ... no - it turns out how many things have already happened, but how many unusual things are ahead of us and the heroes of the musical and lyrical comedy "Taste of sweet cherry" ...

Man and Woman ... How many stories mankind knows on this subject, but we want to tell you another ... The story of extraordinary passion, incredible adventures, meetings and partings, funny and touching incidents that are so similar to those that happen in any a family where Man and Woman truly love each other !!! And when there are not enough words, we begin to sing. In our history, everything is permeated with music, song, the taste of cherries, the smell of blossoming cherries and love !!! He and She, which may be more interesting.

Two wonderful St. Petersburg actors, two strong personalities Irina Murtazaeva and Dmitry Bykovsky will tell us their story of life and love within two hours. The unique D&D team will help the hero make their stories musical.

Look at the new project of the Nevsky Production Center “Taste of Cherry” and you yourself will suddenly feel the aromas of spring, warmth, flowering gardens, flowering life.