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Black and White King

Duration: 3 hours (with intermission)

Past events

  • Open Film Studio «Lendok», St. Petersburg
  • Musical Comedy Theater, St. Petersburg
Playwright and Director:Vladimir Samsonov

Actors and performers

Actor and singer:Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Samsonov

The real story of the life, love and death of a brilliant pianist, in which they intertwined
sparkling subtle humor, deep drama of the musician's fate and personal
human tragedy.
An incredible gift from God, a favorite of talented women, an avalanche of burning passions and
a musical genius — it's all about the man-orchestra Mikhail Aptekman.
Vladimir Samsonov, one of the closest friends and colleagues of one of the greatest
pianists of the late 20th century, Mikhail Aptekman, wrote a charming dramatic-
song solo performance about the happy and tragic fate of this outstanding St. Petersburg
In a rapidly flying plot, stellar genius and
malicious envy, burning passionate love, falling to the very bottom and taking off to the very stars are woven into a tight knot
This whole real story of Mikhail Aptekman's short but vivid life is told and
sung by Vladimir Samsonov, who is one of the world's best performers and
interpreters of the old Russian romance.
The main "trick" of the performance is that most of the romances are performed under rare
recordings of the preserved accompaniment of a unique musician. The other part is
The musical heritage was carefully restored according to archival records and was authentically
performed by the famous St. Petersburg pianist Elena Bulanova.
In the performance, the viewer will have a rare opportunity to see in one performer
a powerful dramatic actor and a singer outstanding in beauty of voice and vocal
The tears that come to the viewer's eyes and his sincere and cheerful laughter will
surprisingly follow each other, forcing the audience to fully immerse themselves in
the wonderful world — the life of the legendary musician.