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Black and White King

Duration: 2 hours

Past events

  • Musical Comedy Theater, St. Petersburg
Playwright and Director:Vladimir Samsonov

Actors and performers

Actor and singer:Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Samsonov

Dedication to Mikhail Aptekman on his 70th birthday.

A unique theater project that has no analogues in the world!

For the first time in the history of the theater, a world-famous opera vocalist performs simultaneously as a playwright, director, dramatic actor and, of course, as a great singer!

This is the Honored Artist of Russia, the soloist of the Mariinsky Theater Vladimir Samsonov, whose voice of incredible beauty and strength, penetrates you right into the heart from the very first note!

Amazing acting power, charming attractiveness and mystical power over the hall does not leave anyone indifferent!

2 hours of sincere happiness from contact with the true art of singing, acting, open truth of feelings and emotions!

This performance, an honest reflection of our life, where we laugh yesterday, cry and be sad today, and rush forward again tomorrow to find our happiness!

In the rapid whirlwind of your favorite songs and fun-sad monologues, in front of the audience, an amazing full of vivid adventures, intrigues, cruel and tender love, betrayal and betrayal, the life of the legendary St. Petersburg pianist Mikhail Aptekman will fly by. The laughter and tears of the audience are all in the hands of Vladimir Samsonov, who conducts the emotions of the audience and turns them into a single orchestra of emotions and feelings!

The real notes of the accompaniment of the great pianist are also unique and found under which Vladimir Samsonov sings and tells in such a way that the viewer is breathtaking from the mysterious merger of the singing of a live singer and the game of a departed pianist.

The uncompromising brilliant acting of the artist and a real big opera voice, a surprisingly warm, velvet and soulful timbre, which was applauded by the greatest theaters in the world, sweeps everything in its path and captures the audience from the first minute and does not let go until the end of the performance!