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Love and other lies

Duration: 2 hours (with one intermission)

Past events

  • Theater «Commonwealth of Taganka Actors», Moscow
Rezhisser:Peter Belyshkov
Author:Oleg Danilov

Actors and performers

Cast:Julia Menshova, Alexander Nikitin, Vasily Kortukov, Ivan Kolesnikov, Vyacheslav Gugeev, Sandra Eliava, Natalya Skomorokhova

Family troubles are a matter of everyday life.
Anything happens, and especially over 20 years!
The past passion seems to have calmed down, and the established life brings boredom.
This is where the case intervenes that changes everything.
Sergey and Irina have been married for a long time. They have studied each other so well that there would seem to be nothing to be surprised at. But that day something went wrong ...
Intrigue is born by itself when the usual course of affairs is disturbed and there is a need to begin to change something.
So all the same: “The Great Case rules everything” or “People themselves are the blacksmiths of their own happiness?”