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Skaz pro Fedota-strel'tsa 24/5000 The Tale of Fedot Archer16+

Theatricals 2 hours 10 minutes

Brilliantly written, this tale does not cease to amuse and delight us ...

Written by Leonid Filatov back in 1985, a brilliant tale for more than 30 years has not ceased to please connoisseurs of poetic and theatrical art.
Appearing on the shelves of bookstores, Filatov’s book made admirers of the talent of this famous actor look at him from a completely different perspective. The Tale of Fedot Sagittarius caused a real boom. The book was read at meetings of actors with spectators, the play was staged on improvised stages in schools, and quotes from it literally scattered across the country.
The performance “The Tale of Fedot Sagittarius” will allow you not only to laugh heartily, but also to think about pressing and eternal problems at the same time. The poetic work underlying the production has been and will always remain a part of Russian art.
Having bought theater tickets for “The Tale of Fedot Sagittarius”, you will rediscover the famous play and perhaps take a different look at the events taking place in our country and around the world. We look forward to meeting you!

Actors and performers

Dmitry Belotserkovsky, Daria Mikhaylichenko, Elena Obolenskaya, Alexander Yemtsov, Maria Ryabkova, Alexander Barinov, Pauline Fokina, Alexander Plentaitis, Nosik Alexander, Kaykov Andrey

Authors, directors, directors

Alexander Vilkin

Past events

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Theater «Commonwealth of Taganka Actors»