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Dovlatov Nature Reserve

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

“DOVLATOV FEST” is three evenings with Sergey Donatovich Dovlatov and his work.
Having visited the festival, you will plunge into the unforgettable and romantic atmosphere of the era of the seventies of the last century. Lukomorye Restaurant, a photo exhibition with photographs of Dovlatov and his family, a literary quiz, books by Dovlatov and about him, screening of fragments of films about Dovlatov and interviews with him, and much more awaits you at the Dovlatov Fest festival
The most interesting moment of the festival will be people who were friends with Sergei Donatovich and “crossed paths” with him.
Dovlatov’s closest friend is Andrey Yuryevich Aryev. The editor of the magazine Zvezda, a Soviet and Russian literary critic, prose writer, literary critic, compiler of the collected works of Sergei Dovlatov and commentator on his works, was on friendly terms with Dovlatov, published memories of him.
Among the guests: Valery Georgievich Popov. Russian writer, screenwriter, head of the Union of Writers of St. Petersburg and a member and president of the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian PEN Club. Laureate of the S. Dovlatov Prize, Golden Ostap Prize, Northern Palmyra Prize, author of the Dovlatov book from the Life of Wonderful People series.
George Porotov. Director of feature and documentary films. He worked for a number of foreign channels, such as BBC, ARTE, Franse2, won a number of prizes for short films and documentaries, worked as a cameraman, director, director of editing and screenwriter.
Every day at DOVLATOV FEST you will have the opportunity to chat with one of them, listen to interesting stories about Dovlatov, and most importantly, ask questions that interest you.
And, of course, the most important moment of the festival will be performances based on the works of Dovlatov.

The play "Dovlatov Reserve" immerses the viewer in the atmosphere of the 70s of the last century. Musty life in the muse-estate of the great poet, transformed from living - into a mummy. Absurd characters, the offspring of the “scoop” from which the storyteller wanted to escape - at least temporarily. But this is self-deception, the escape fails. Unstable creative life, unsuccessful personal life, lack of prospects ... The ex-wife of the hero, having arrived at the Pushkin Reserve, is trying to persuade the hero to emigrate. But for some reason he cannot say goodbye to Soviet reality, although he has no illusions about it. - Once again I say, I won’t go. - Tell me why? - There is nothing to explain ... My language, my people, my crazy country ... Imagine, I love even the police. Only the decision has already been made, the wife leaves for America, taking her only daughter with her. And in the hero’s soul comes emptiness. The closest people leave his life, perhaps forever; only pain and longing remain ...