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Creative evening of the actor Kirill Ulyanov

Duration: 1 h 30 min No intermission

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  • «Theater Valley», St. Petersburg

Creative evening of the actor Kirill Ulyanov
What unites the films "Checkpoint", "Operation Happy New Year", "Peregon"," Abode"," Paper Soldier"," Chagall-Malevich"," Nemesis"," The Tale of Fedot Sagittarius "and" Leningrad 46"?

In these iconic films for the cinema of St. Petersburg and Russia, a beautiful and talented actor played his best roles!
The creative evening of the actor and cinema Kirill Ulyanov is a fireworks display of stories about cinema and theater, studying with great masters and working with brilliant directors. A wonderful bonus of Kirill Ulyanov's creative evening will be the songs of the actor of his own composition and popular hits of our time. And of course, the mandatory answers to the questions of the audience.
The duration of the creative evening of K. Ulyanov – 1h. 30 m. no intermission.
Age category 12 +