Theatricals 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission


A unique project from the improvisation theater Van Gogh and .

A completely improvised real performance. There is no script and blanks, there is no director, there are no props and scenery. Only two actors and live music.

The viewer comes up with a theme, the main character and the conflict, the rest is created by actors right on stage in real time.

A full-fledged one-and-a-half-hour performance with various characters, unexpected plot twists, songs and amazing music. It is never known in advance whether it will be a love musical, a classic detective story, a thriller or a horror story. And most importantly - it will only happen once and it will NEVER happen again! Each performance is a separate performance with its own plot!

But what can I say, it's better to see once than to regret a hundred times)))

Actors and performers

Anton Zakharin - actor and teacher, artistic director of the improvisation theater "Vangogi", Alexey Krasnotsvetov- actor and director of theater and cinema, the main role in the series "The Mag, Theater and film actor Yevgeny Telyozhkin, Theater and film actor Nikolai Kolosov

Authors, directors, directors

Georgy Fedorov - (piano) musician, composer, founder of the Orchestra 1703 project

Георгий Фёдоров- (пианино) музыкант, композитор, основатель проекта "Оркестр 1703"

Anton Ankushin - (beatbox)- multi-vocalist, member of the musical group EtnoZapil

Антон Анкушин -(битбокс)- мультивокалист,участник музыкальной группы EtnoZapil

Past events

Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg

Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg

Theater named after Countess S.V.Panina

Theater named after Countess S.V.Panina