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The magnificent music of Imre Kalman will be performed by the Laureate
of the international competitions of the instrumental ensemble "Zabava"
In the author's edition, I. Kalman's operetta "Silva" was called "Queen
of Chardash" and received a new name in Russia, where Kalman's score got almost
immediately after the Vienna premiere. The premiere in Russia took place in 1916.
The beautiful singer from the Orpheum cabaret, Silva Varescu, is in love with an aristocrat Prince
Lippert-Weilersheim. Her spiritual purity, efficiency, talent and beauty
conquer the heart of Prince Edwin. But how can a rich and well-born young man marry a
frivolous cabaret girl?! A regular at the Orpheum cabaret, Ferry thinks he
But Princess Cicilia Lippert-Weilersheim, Edwin's mother, has her own
opinion on this. And Silva, defending his right to happiness and human dignity,
has to fight class arrogance.
And here's how this fight will end, and who will be the winner, in this duels of two
beautiful and bright women you

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Alexander Murashko (Honored Artist of Russia)

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Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg