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This story is known to many: "novice hunter", merchant Heinrich Eisenstein should go to prison for eight days, for hunting on a foreign land, shot a grouse and a forester. However, his friend, the director of the theater Falk manages to persuade Henry before being imprisoned to go with him to the ball to Prince Orlovsky, where they are waiting for "mountains of fruit, dancing until morning, and memories to the grave."

Eisenstein's wife, Rosalind, thanks to a series of unexpected events in which both her maid Adele and her former admirer Mr. Alfred and prison director Frank were involved, learns about her husband's decision and also goes to the ball. There, disguised in a carnival dress and hiding her face under a mask, she introduces herself as a Hungarian countess...

 The denouement of this intriguing story takes place after a ball early in the morning in the prison, where all the masks are removed and all the characters are revealed. There were some surprises. Even Prince Orlovsky surprised everyone.

The happy ending of this comedy will make anyone think: and the real

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Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg

Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg