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A non-accidental traveling companion16+

Theatricals 2 hours and 20 minutes

THIS IS A RAILWAY MUSICAL-ROMANTIC COMEDY AND THE STORY OF ONE CAR BASED ON THE PLAY BY OLGA STEPNOVA "Moscow-Vladivostok", IN WHICH THE ACTORS SING AND DANCE.The performance features original songs by Ekaterina Volkova, which she presented to our performance. They sing live in the play.When a computer glitch in the train ticket sales system ruins a businessman's plans for a solo trip, real and sincere love ruins the insidious plans of his unfaithful wife.
Almost ten thousand kilometers from Moscow to Vladivostok. The easiest way to overcome them is by plane, but the successful publisher Andrey Bogdanov (Peter Barancheev) is afraid to fly, so he chooses seven days on the train. During this time, his wife is taken away from him, his business is squeezed out and his whole life is derailed. During this time, Bogdanov falls in love with a fellow traveler (Ekaterina Volkova), quarrels and breaks up with her, returns the business and divorces his wife. And all this - without leaving the SV in a long-distance carriage, where due to a computer failure, one seat is occupied

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