Theatricals 1 hour 30 minutes

Why did everyone around, both on television and in theaters, suddenly take up Gogol? And therefore, "we live in a terrible time, gentlemen!" Terrible news attacks us from everywhere, and we found ourselves completely defenseless in front of all this evil. How pathetic the "crown of nature – man" has become. When Gogol was haunted by fears, he pinned them to sheets of paper with his talent, inexhaustible humor and irrepressible laughter: funny can no longer be scary, besides, "even the one who is no longer afraid of anything in the world is afraid of ridicule."
The performance is inspired by Gogol's scary stories, full of mystery, strange dreams, incredible adventures: here is hell, where witches are "decked out, smeared, like panels at a fair. And everyone, no matter how many of them were there, like drunken, danced some damn tropak!" And the lost heroes of "Viya" in an abandoned rural cemetery, gripped by a nightmare. And a fascinating dance of drowned women in a quiet pool, where, as you know, devils are found. And all the unexpected transformations of the Panel…
But the main thing is that in

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Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg