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Concert "Cossack ensemble "ATAMAN""6+

Concert Duration: 2 hours (with one intermission)

7 April at the Railway Palace of Culture the Cossack ensemble “Ataman” named after A. M. Krasnoperts will perform the “Favorite Songs” program.
       Folk Cossack songs will be performed, as well as works by modern authors, arranged in the Cossack style. The concert program included both women's lyrical melodies and dashing heroic songs glorifying bravery; general dance performances with tricks, dancing and demonstration of mastery of Cossack sabers, swords, axes, clubs.
      With their bright, original creativity, the talented singers and musicians of the ensemble, most of whom come from various Cossack troops, serve to preserve the national identity of the Cossacks through songs and dances, which reflect the customs, traditions and values of the free guards of the Russian Land.
        Wherever “Ataman” gives concerts, the hearts of listeners are filled with feelings that form the basis of spiritual unity with the country and compatriots: this is aching love for the Motherland, and reverence for military valor, and an immutable moral law. In “Ataman” they don’t so much sing as they “live” the spirit of the song. Each performance of the group is a colorful musical narrative into the annalistic history and modernity of the Russian Cossacks.

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