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Men on schedule

Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission

Past events

  • Cinema and Concert Theater «Cosmos», Yekaterinburg
Producer:Igor Pismennyi

Actors and performers

Cast:Helena Biryukova, Viktor Loginov, Igor Pismennyi, Egor Salnikov

Answers to questions about happiness and the search for love in an ironic and simple form are given by the play “Men on Schedule”. The production from the very first minutes surprises with the plot, and immediately draws into the whirlpool of events that occur with the main characters, and the roles are played by famous talented artists.

The director of the play, Igor Pismenny, tried in an unusual way to reflect on what happiness is, love, what women want, and what they need for happiness. The main character of the show is Anna. She is happy, because she found her love. This same love comes to her on Monday morning. On Tuesday, another love comes, and on Wednesday, as you may have guessed, the third. Anna still can not choose the one whom she loves more, and with whom she is more comfortable. Those who are lucky enough to attend the play “Men on Schedule” will be able to witness curious situations, because once a clear schedule of the main character is broken, and some of her chosen ones come face to face. What to do in a similar situation, how to react, what to invent? What will happen if all men collide in one space and begin to sort things out? Have they heard of each other before? What unexpected decision will Anna make?

The performance is thoroughly saturated with subtle humor and vivid dialogues. The intrigue in the production is made by unpredictability, and it is not possible to predict in advance how this will end.