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Once in the evening

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission

Past events

  • Sverdlovsk Palace of Culture of Railway Workers, Yekaterinburg
Producer:Anton Figurovsky

Actors and performers

Cast:Oleg Kharitonov, Viktoriya Tarasova, Maxim Onishchenko, Anna Anokhina

This play is about how once a man and a woman met in a city park, and what came of it. He told her a lie, she told him a lie. The untruth that they took for the truth. This is a funny and bitter story, as He and She went from mutual lies to mutual sincerity. Having learned about each other everything as it is, everything as it was, all the bitter truth, they will be imbued with mutual sympathy, will become close people, maybe the closest in this world.

There are many comical and touching situations. The director's magnificently arranged performance, the inimitable play of artists and the wonderful music that sounds in the play will make the evening spent in the theater truly unforgettable.