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The delights of betrayal12+

Theatricals 2 hours 00 minutes


The stage during the performance becomes an amazing place - here love is born and dies. It is difficult to predict how this or that story will end - they are unpredictable. The novels of Valentin Krasnogorov, different in style and mood, are united by a common theme of difficult relationships within a love couple. Together with the characters, the viewer is looking for answers to deep, topical questions. In the novel «The Delights of Treason», lovers try their best to hide their relationship, and their rare encounters are ridiculous to the point of absurdity, because the fear of being caught in treason is much stronger than a secret passion. We humans are not perfect. We are often possessed by passions and temptations. Are we able to resist the desire that embraces us? How much do we value and value those who are close to us? Easy dialogues, paradoxical plots, comedic, almost farcical situations and at the same time deep lyricism will keep the audience in constant tension until the last moments of the performance.

Actors and performers

Chernyshov Andrei, Maria Dobrzhinskaya, Medvedeva Irina, Kaykov Andrei

Authors, directors, directors

Valentin Krasnogorov

Eduard Radzyukevich

Past events

Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg